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Latest News For 2017


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Saturday 5th – Crystals for well being and abundance – Tuffnell Park

Sunday 6th – Angel Moon Essences – Tuffnell Park

Monday 7th – Eclipse Meditation Evening – Tuffnell Park

Saturday 19th – Creating Gem Essences – Sittingbourne

Sunday 20th – Seichim Reiki – Sittingbourne

Monday 21st – Eclipse Meditation Evening – Sittingbourne

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After running The Quest for ten years I have decided to take a year out.  During my sabbatical I shall focus on allowing my life to unfold.  I may resume teaching when the year is up, but equally there may be something new waiting to be discovered.  Thank you to all the many delightful people who have joined me on the Quest over the past ten years, it has been an honour and a privilege to facilitate your journey.  I have also put the Mindfulness Meditation Online courses on hold, until April 2018

I shall continue to provide face to face workshops.  Follow the link to discover workshops and dates for the rest of 2017. WORKSHOPS

I shall also continue to inform you of the regular synchronised meditations that take place throughout the year.  Follow this link for further information: 


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For those of you who have worked with my QUEST courses over the last 10 years, thank you for your continued support.  I feel that this is the end of a QUEST era and that in this Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster [Phoenix] THE QUEST is about to be re-born.


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