Astro Guide to March 2021

Astrological backdrop to the events this month, with brief interpretations of astrological terms and suggestions for how to work with the planetary energies positively.

The most recent additions are usually at the top of this page, to give the immediately upcoming aspects and opportunities.


Overview for March

Following the slightly trouble start to the year, this month brings some relief, no major upsets this month. Only optimistic and healing trines, Mercury-Jupiter, and Venus-Neptune conjunctions.

The elements are more balanced this month. The sun entering the fire sign of Aries brings long awaited action and with all the planets in forward motion it at last feels as if progress can be made.  Especially in the areas of healing and freedom from past issues and burdens.


3rd          –             Mars Enters Gemini

Mars in Gemini this transit is good because, these planets share similar qualities: they are extrovert, curious and lively.  They will be making ‘trines’ (sets of three, triangles) to the planets in Aquarius, enabling us to embrace the creative Aquarian energy.  The active energy flits about like a butterfly and allows us to express ourselves.

4th          –             Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

This is a highly auspicious transit now Mercury is direct, so if you had some delays last month, Jupiter will finally give you its blessings. Mercury conjunct Jupiter will bring a much-needed sense of relief and optimism.

11th        –             Sun Conjunct Neptune

The fiery Sun is us, Neptune allows us to dissolve and leave behind the old definition of who we think we are and become the infinite Self that we really are.

There may be some chaos linked with this, as there often is when we dissolve, just allow this, and await the emergence of your new creative infinite self, and the new order.

13th        –             New Moon In Pisces

The New Moon is conjunct Venus and Neptune, when the manifestation power of a New Moon meets Venus and Neptune, anything is possible!


13th        –             Venus Conjunct Neptune

This conjunction is the most romantic transit in astrology, and it’s just a few more years that we are lucky enough to have it in Neptune’s sign, Pisces.  Whatever our current difficulties, this is a gentle reminder that when we truly connect with our hearts, we can find beauty and magic everywhere.

15th        –             Mercury Enters Pisces

In Pisces, Mercury is imaginative and fantasy-prone. Who cares about facts? When Mercury is in Pisces, facts are boring.  Mercury in Pisces can pick up subtleties that no other Mercury can. This transit is great for creative projects of any kind.