Astro Guide to December 2020

Astrological backdrop to the events this month, with brief interpretations of astrological terms and suggestions for how to work with the planetary energies positively.

The most recent additions are usually at the top of this page, to give the immediately upcoming aspects and opportunities.


This month marks the pivotal conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius.  The long-awaited positive shift from top down control to bottom up community.  The mid-way point in the 300 year long transition from the age of Capricorn into the age of Aquarius, only another 150 years to go!

In addition, we have a total Solar Eclipse on the 14th, this will impact the South Node of the Moon.  South Node represents the past, our inherited gifts, talents and challenges.  This will be an intense opportunity.  Saturn (2 ½ years) and Jupiter (1yr) both enter Aquarius, big events in themselves as they happen so infrequently.  (unlike the Sun and Moon for example who change signs every month).  The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction coinciding with the Solstice

The month begins relatively calmly but the intensity will slowly, and then rapidly increase.

The pivotal moment is the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  On December 17th, Saturn moves into Aquarius, on December 19th, Jupiter follows suit and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs on December 21st.

There is no way of knowing exactly how this will impact societies worldwide, but we can be fairly sure it will.  It is unlikely to be instantaneous but slowly the planet will move away from centralized, predictable power hungry government (very Capricorn) and towards the Aquarian ideals of freedom, it is all about people and community rather than control.  Any controlling power has nothing to do with freedom – the more you seek to control, the more you lose your freedom.

Aquarius is the sign of friends, groups and communities. There is no place for the ego, and our thoughts and actions are community-oriented.  The individual becomes truly free in this community, no one is controlling and we will automatically know how to self-govern ourselves in a way that doesn’t infringe the rights of others.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, signals the end of a 200 year long Earth element period, and the beginning of a200 year long Air element period.  In the Earth sign of Capricorn, materialism rules, this fuels a desire to obtain and keep scarce resources, leading to greed and power struggles.  In the Air sign of Aquarius, comes the knowledge that divine energy and resources are infinite.  The need to compete for resources is gone and the knowledge that together we can create something infinitely better is found.  A new energy source will be available within the next 20 years that will mean we can ‘unplug’ from the system and be our unique selves, within a like minded and peaceful community.

PART I 1st – 15th

1st       Mercury enters Sagittarius

Truth dominates our thinking and communication. We are no longer afraid to speak out, we become invincible.

9th       Sun and the Lunar Nodes square Neptune. This is a crossroads in Sagittarius the sign of knowledge and truth, time to perceive our destiny.

Prepare for some revelations, personal and global around this time.  Our perception of  reality and our worldview may be deconstructed.

As we shed our old views, and confront change, fears may arise, but know that this is a necessary part of the process.  There will be a time when you will look back and it will all make sense.

14th      New Moon And South Node Solar Eclipse at 23°Sagittarius

This is one of the BIG astrological events of the year, with Mercury conjunct this South Node (the past) eclipse, it is likely information will be revealed that will bring recent existing and unfolding world events to a conclusion.  South Node eclipses usually come with resolutions.

A Solar Eclipse, light emerging from the darkness, usually symbolises the birthing of the new.

15th      Venus Enters Sagittarius, Chiron Goes Direct

In Scorpio Venus looked deep within, searched her soul and is now ready to reveal what she has discovered. She is honest with her feelings and will only do what is morally right.

On the same day, Chiron, the Wounded Healer goes direct, receiving a loving trine from Venus. Now that the hard work has been done, we are ready for healing. The truth will not only set us free but will also bring us closure and healing.