Astrological Opportunities August 2020

Astrological Backdrop to the events in August 2020, with brief interpretations of astrological terms and suggestions for how to work with the planetary energies positively.

The most recent additions are at the top of this page, to give the immediately upcoming aspects and opportunities.


24th      Mars in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn.

Mars square Saturn is our opportunity to clean up our act.  Trapped inside Saturn’s rings we are in close contact with the results of our actions.  Contained with the consequences we need to intensively sort out the positive from the negative and get cleansing our space.  No one is going to do it for us, our actions, our responsibility.  Intense, frustrating but also potentially extremely productive and rewarding.

26th      Venus in Cancer Opposite Jupiter in Capricorn.

Whilst many of the aspects in August are disruptive and intense, this opposition lets us take time out, as expansive Jupiter pours his energy across the universe to highlight fun and loving Venus we can relax, be in the moment and appreciate all that is good with our beautiful world.  Go on, put your feet up, you deserve it after all that cleansing and space clearing you have done.  Plus, you need to recharge your batteries in readiness for the next fun adventure.

30        Venus in Cancer Opposite Pluto in Capricorn

This opposition will give you opportunities to really live, an intense time to fulfil your purpose and really experience all that life in this incarnation has to offer.  Don’t miss your chance to move forward on your life path, grasp every wacky opportunity that comes your way, celebrate being here and know that it is good.


17th      Sun conjunct Mercury, together they form an elongated arrow, known as a YOD.  They are encouraging us to be observant and notice what they may be pointing out to us.  This is especially true of aspects of communication.

19th      New Moon in Leo at 0342, conjunct Mercury and trine Mars.

With the Sun and the Moon in Leo today is a good day to consider our creative talents.

How can our creativity reveal our true nature?  Can it help us to connect to our inner self and discover our inner light?

Stop thinking of your self in terms of the external, go within and be who you are truly meant to be. JUST BE.  Shine the light of your true self, this is your greatest gift and talent.

20th      Mercury Enters Virgo (where it will remain until 5th September)

This is the best time of year for all things communication and technical, if you have anything planned that needs accuracy and attention to detail, now is your window of opportunity.

22nd     Sun Enters Virgo

In the sign of Virgo we can get organized, take care of our health, establish new routines, explore new avenues of learning and feel secure in the knowledge that we have achieved a way of being that is sustainable and beneficial.  This year we are aided in all of this by the amazing Grand Earth Trine, when our beautiful planet creates a triangle with Jupiter and Uranus.  See Part IV for the details.


11th – 13th        Perseid Meteor showers will produce the greatest number of meteors (shooting stars) between these dates.  The moon will be in it’s last quarter phase which means it will still be quite bright in the sky, after midnight the best time for spotting shooting stars.  In the northern hemisphere there is a good chance you will see some meteors during the late evening, including the chance of a long slow colourful meteor traveling horizontally across the evening sky, known as an Earthgrazer these are rare but memorable, these always appear before midnight when the radiant point of the shower is close to the horizon.  To work with these beautiful displays, make a wish list, and each time you see a shooting star, use one of your wishes.  If you are lucky enough to see an Earthgrazer, use the opportunity to make a wish for the planet, and all life forms upon it.

13th,  Mars is square Pluto in Capricorn.

This is INTENSE and this is just the beginning. Mars square Pluto is not for the faint of the heart, however since this aspect lasts for no less than 5 months, we will all have to deal with it.

Mars is our personal will and Pluto is the universal will. Aries is the individual and Capricorn is the institution.

People have been fed up with how the world operates for a long time now, building up frustration and hopelessness.

The unusually long Mars-Pluto square could be that last straw. Mars triggers Pluto. Yes, Pluto is powerful, but Mars is in domicile in Aries. Pluto may be up for a surprise. The Age Of Aquarius is beginning.

15th,   Uranus Goes Retrograde

Uranus is a crazy planet, every time it changes direction, the world seems to turn upside down.  The best advice is to expect the unexpected, as Uranus changes the unchangeable and disrupts the status quo.  Chaos theory, only through change can we grow, individually and collectively, this is our chance to take a step forward on our path.

If your birth sign is Taurus, you may feel the intensity of this Uranus transit through Taurus.


Astrological events this month are game changers.  Action packed and with many opportunities to both progress on your own personal spiritual path and work within groups or communities to mentor and support others. 

2nd          Two Squares, Sun & Uranus and Mars in Aries, plus the Moon opposite Mercury, creates an intense start to the month.

3rd          FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS, with the Sun in Leo.  Here we have the opposition of the Feminine principle of the collective, sharing and supporting with the Masculine principle of independence and free will.  These are the positives of each of these, I will leave you to work out the possibilities for there use in other ways.  Plus the Moon is square Uranus, which can make us all act out of character, re-acting rather than considering and responding in a rational way.  Another very intense day.  Today’s events give a foretaste of the year ahead and the age ahead, how we will move forward (or otherwise) into and through the Age of Aquarius (potentially the next two thousand years).  Pay attention to what happens on every level and don’t forget to make some notes, you could be predicting the future here!

5th          Mercury enters the sign of Leo, and Venus is conjunct (next to) the North Node (of the Moon).  So what does that mean?  Remember Mars is still affecting us and will do for the whole of the Month, so we have an opportunity to use that extra oooomph Mars brings, action and energy.  See this positively, Mercury in Leo means you are encouraged to stand up and be heard, speak your truth and be unafraid, Mars energy and the Sun energy of the Lion will help you to do this.  Venus is strongly influencing the North Node of the Moon, in the birth chart this represents your future.  Venus is the main theme for the rest of this week, She has been in the sign of Gemini, the Twins, representing duality, or sometimes the two halves of the whole, the two sides to a situation, for a while quite a long while, Venus was ‘retrograde’ (not progressing) between May 13th – June 25th, in this sign of duality.  How did that manifest for you?  How did the conflict, contradiction and confusion that the handling of the Pandemic caused affect you?  Draw upon this now and Venus conjunct the North Node will show you how you can use those personal responses, especially to that retro period to make sense of it.  You can then, in this moment of opportunity create a positive way to use those experiences and all you have learned to move forward.

7th         Venus moves into Cancer, phew after months in Gemini with all its contradictions, she is now in a Water sign where she feels at home and comfortable.  Use this combination to assimilate all that has happened over the last few months, especially the work you have just completed on the 5th.  Allow yourself to relax into a phase of accepting the new normal and expanding your heart to receive the new wisdom it has brought you.  Make sure you use the next few days to recharge your  batteries and get all those new vibrations into your energy field.  Keywords:  RELAX, RECHARGE, BE WITH THE NEW VIBRATION, OM SHANTI.