Astrological Opportunities – JULY 2020

Astrological Backdrop to the events in July 2020, with brief interpretations of astrological terms and suggestions for how to work with the planetary energies positively.


The most recent additions are at the top of this page, to give the immediately upcoming aspects and opportunities.



July 20th               NEW MOON IN CANCER

This is a BLUE MOON, the second New Moon in the sign of Cancer.  Take a look back at what was occurring for you at the time of the first New Moon in Cancer, on the 21st of June, are there issues that arose then you need to re-visit?  Now is your second chance to resolve or release disruptive or negative emotional patterns, by using the dark of the New Moon to go deep within and boldly confront your own inner demons.  If you don’t find any, great, sit back and enjoy the deep inner peace.

July 22nd             THE SUN ENTERS THE SIGN OF LEO

Allow your inner light to shine brightly to rival the Sun.  Make the most of the bright golden warmth of this month, we have all been feeling the missing spark as so many planets have been lurking in the water, air and earth signs, making us feel lost. Now we have the The Sun back in his or her rightful place in a FIRE sign and we have our compass back, and our Spiritual MOJO, time to seek out our path pack our backpack and set off.


This month should feel a lot more comfortable with far fewer ‘major’ events occurring.  Take a deep breath, focus on being in the moment and working with the positive aspects of this months Astrological events.


July 1st   SATURN RETURNS TO CAPRICORN, preparing us for letting go of unresolved negative past issues that no longer serve us.  Especially at an emotional level, as the only planet Saturn interacts with here is to CONJUNCT THE MOON.

July 5th  FULL MOON AND LUNAR ECLIPSE IN CAPRICORN – at 5.45am on Sunday 5th July the Moon is Full in Capricorn.  The Lunar eclipse gives us the opportunity to look at what lurks in the darkness of our inner being, don’t be afraid to go there, discover what you need to work on right now, as the Moon is revealed after the Eclipse bring the issues you have discovered into the light to be healed, resolved or released.  At the time of the FULL MOON and for roughly 12 hours either side you have a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to Resolve, or Release issues from your past, the Clarity a Full moon brings helps you to look critically at these past events, realise how you have allowed them to continue to influence your life and at last release them for good!  This is the pivotal moment when many of your ongoing issues connected with Karmic Lessons can be moved forward to a point of resolution, another step towards your achieving your goals in this lifetime.  If you take this opportunity you will not regret it, this is likely to be the easiest release of deep rooted past issues that you have ever experienced, DON’T MISS IT!

July 11th               CHIRON IS MOMENTARILY STILL, THEN RETROGRADE.  An opportunity to become your own healer.  Now is the moment to look within, forgive, nourish and nurture your inner self.  Accept self healing.

July 12th               MERCURY DOES AN ABOUT TURN AND HEADS DIRECT AGAIN, YAY!  –  Use the time until then to tie up loose ends on any business related projects.  Then prepare for all technical and communications issues to resolve and life to resume business as usual.