Change and Choice

Change & Choice

Change is a part of our existence on this planet.  Sometimes we choose to change, our appearance, our circumstances, maybe our companions in this incarnation…. Sometimes we don’t choose to, but changes happen anyway.  It seems to me that if we choose change, maybe Green hair for a while would be fun…. But no, I actually look like Kermit the Frog, OK but it was my choice so I can accept that it is not great. 

Then there are those times when change is forced upon us…. Today I am going to my Craft Group, looking forward to spending time with fun like minded people, but then…..disaster!  The car won’t start and I am not going anywhere and not having fun with anyone, and have to spend my time arranging for the car to be fixed, actually that is quite fun because my friendly mechanic, Mick the Motors always makes me feel confident that he can and will fix my car, bless him.  So in this scenario, unexpectedly my plans were changed, not my choice, but I can choose how I respond to the change.

Scale this up to suddenly finding myself virtually a prisoner in my own home, definitely would not be from choice, but here we are almost all of us in the same boat, some of us accepting and making the best of it, some of us really struggling to comply, with the advise we are being given. 

But even though this change was ‘thrust upon us’ at incredible speed, taking most of us unawares and unprepared, we can still choose how to respond.  Consider how it feels to be angry, resentful and judgemental… does it make you feel better about the circumstances you find yourself in?  Now think about how it would be if you could just breathe quietly for a few moments and come into the moment, no past, no future, just now.  Is it so bad?  Are you warm and comfortable?  Is it really quiet… bit spooky really, no airplanes, very little traffic… people mostly staying inside, suddenly I can really hear the birds singing, the wind in the trees and the waves breaking on the shore….

Acceptance brings peace.  Choosing how to respond helps you to rationalise the situation.

In these difficult times make loving and compassionate choices about how you respond; be gentle with yourself and others.

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