I have written about change before, this is by way of an addendum.  I still believe that ultimately, spiritually ALL CHANGE is good; however it comes to us.  Knowing that does not always make it easier to accept, easier to submit to, not struggle against, question.

I knew when I returned to Scotland at the beginning of March that there would be changes that I would find challenging, like using the tech more to keep in touch with my family, like not seeing my family for fairly long stretches, but there were supposed to be compensations, like being able to see my Quilting family and Thurso friends more, like being able to walk on the beach at Dunnet Bay and enjoy the glorious landscape of Caithness.

As we all know the best laid plans and all that…..

When the Coronavirus struck and the UK went into Lockdown, I don’t think many of us realised quite how it would impact us individually.  I also don’t think we quite comprehended just how long the fallout from the pandemic would last, I have been looking back a hundred years to the Spanish Flu pandemic following WW1; it raged around Europe for over three years…. I am not naturally pessimistic, but I think we might be in for the long haul on this one.

Sometimes of course, as I did when I chose to move to Scotland temporarily, the changes are our choice and we anticipate how we will be affected, so when the Universe decides to throw a spanner in the works and our anticipation is thwarted we can become truculent and resentful, ultimately this does not serve us, we need to look beyond at the bigger picture and realise that ALL CHANGE IS GOOD even if it doesn’t turn out quite as we anticipated.

We also need to realise that our circumstances will change again, and that too will be GOOD.

Today I reflect upon all that I have as a counterbalance to all that I anticipated and do not have in my life at the moment.  For me that helps, a constant reminding myself that this too will change, that All is Well and All will be well.  (St Julien of Norwich, amazing lady google her).

A few things I find help with accepting and working with instead of against change are:

Daily Pages – Thank you for the inspiration – (The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron )

Gratitude Lists – simple things like the sunlight shining on the sea, my first cup of tea in the morning, delicious, the companionship of my like minded friends, even if I can’t be with them physically… What would you put on your list?

Anything which makes me laugh, or sing.

Working with daily focus cards – you can download your free gift of my Crystal Focus Cards from the link below.

To help you remain focused during times of change and crisis I have developed a small set of Crystal Oracle Cards, these are simple and can be used in conjunction with or instead of Crystal Tumble stones to get some daily guidance, healing and support.  You can download and print your cards from this page:

Your Free Gift – Spiritual Crystal Focus Cards


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