Angel Moon Essences

I am temporarily living in Caithness, Scotland and am only able to fulfill orders approximately every 8 weeks when I return to Nottinghamshire.  PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING.  Julie

Prepared to order, the NEXT BATCH OF ORDERS WILL BE FULFILLED FROM 8TH FEBRUARY 2018.  Please order before 8th to ensure your order can be met during my next production phase.

Inspired by Archangels and the phases of the Moon, these are a synergy of Gem Elixirs; Essential oils, Sacred Spring Water, Angel blessings and the vibration of the moon in each of it’s phases and at unique times, such as Blue Moon and Eclipses.

I have co-created twelve unique essences, one for each phase of the Moon, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Blue Moon  I (2013) & Blue Moon II (2016).

Breaking News!  Latest essence co-created June 2016 – BLUE MOON II Follow the link to discover the dynamic properties of this Divine Essence.

All the essences are lovingly prepared individually from the mother tincture to order.  Please note at busy times this can mean your order may take a few days to dispatch.  You will be notified by email when your order has been dispatched.  See below for times when orders cannot be taken. [i.e. I am on holiday or away teaching!].  Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

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New Moon

Crescent Moon

First Quarter Moon

Gibbous Moon

Full Moon

Disseminating Moon

Last Quarter Moon

Balsamic Moon

Lunar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse


Blue Moon

Please ensure you always read the SAFETY ADVICE before using any of the essences.

Date: planned for August 2018 – check back soon for dates and venues.

Angel Moon Essence Workshop

Venue:  Sittingbourne in Kent, UK [1 hour from London by train or car]

This half day workshop is an introduction to these amazing healing tools.  Experience the essences and discover what they can do for you!

Fee: Suggested donation of £40 includes Workshop pack, one essence,  and 10% discount voucher, for use on the day.