Balsamic Moon


This is the essence of Divine Reflection

 An enchanting Labradorite Sphere gem elixir and the penetrating essential oils of Blue Chamomile, Patchouli and Geranium bring mystical qualities which enable reflection as we merge into this deeply silent phase, allowing divine creative inspiration to seed. Complete emersion in the Divine Feminine Source is possible with this essence. Watched over by the gentle energy of Archangel Auriel, yielding to the cycle of life, the turn of the wheel that sees us embrace the dark side of the Balsamic Moon.
Balsamic means ‘yielding’ [OED]. Also known as the ‘Wishing Moon’.
This essence enables you; supported by the gentle guardianship of Archangel Auriel; to fearlessly embrace the darkness, secure in the knowledge that this is a time of regeneration and preparation. A time of nurturing and healing; of deep connection with the earth mother in within. Archangel Auriel encourages you to spend time in deep and silent reflection. Meditate in the garden in the dark. Walk in nature and allow the essence to work its magic on your senses, recreating those timeless experiences alone in natural spaces. Feel the Wilderness. Release all fear of loneliness, step into your majesty, your true being, woman of power and peace. This is a deeply feminine essence, if you happen to be male, use it to really understand what it means to be feminine, really connect with that strong yet soft and gentle side of your intrinsic nature, your true power is within your ability to remain true to yourself and your purpose. Exclude those aspects of your being that are extrinsic; release any need to show aggression or violence, impatience, manipulation, or exert your supposed authority. True power lies in your ability to negotiate, remain peaceful and loving and resolve difficult or challenging situations. Working with this essence will bring all of those aspects of your being into sharp focus for you to use when needed.
Keywords: Seeds of Inspiration, Preparation; connection with the Divine Feminine, Earth Mother; Stillness & Silence.

First Co-created in August 2010. The current Mother Tincture was co-created during August 2012, in Taurus/Earth.

Additional aspects when used when the Balsamic Moon is in a:
Fire sign – Profound spiritual transformation
Earth sign – Deeply secure & grounding
Water sign – Longing for and retrieving the Divine mother aspect of self
Air sign – Understanding and accepting the need for preparation
Suggested uses for Balsamic Moon Essence
• When physical, mental or emotional rest is needed.
• When new challenges approach, and preparation is required
• Essential immersion into rest.
Testimonials for Balsamic Moon Essence:

“I placed the crystal dipped in the essence next to a photo of my dear frield, who next day rang and invited me to visit him – he lives in another town! mind you, he’s a very sensitive person :-)” Patricia (Oslo)