Blue Moon I & II

This is the essence of Divine Inspiration

Blue Moon Essence is co-created using Blue John Fluorite from Castleton in Derbyshire, Essential oil of Lemon and Lemon Eucalyptus lift the foundation oils of Blue Chamomile and Ylang Ylang to perfectly complement the middle tone of Palma Rosa.


The second Blue Moon Essence co-created in Scotland during the Blue Moon on 20th June 2016.  This essence holds the qualities of Self – Love; Self – Compassion and Self – Respect.  Ideal for those aspiring to be light workers; as without these three key attributes spiritual service is challenging.  Only when you can love yourself can you truly and unconditionally love others.  Encapsulating the duality of Gemini with the unity of Sagittarius – the working and bringing together of Mind and Body; the embracing of the Spiritual self.  Using this essence will ensure deep and abiding commitment to the evolutionary Soul Path.

A Blue Moon occurs when there are two Full Moons [or New Moons] in the same sun sign. This essence is unique and cannot be recreated in this format for many years. This Blue Moon is the second full moon when the Sun is in the star sign Gemini and significantly the Moon is also in the same sun sign each time – Sagittarius.   This enhances the efficacy of the star sign/Sun/Moon energies; doubling the potency of the essence.

Suggested uses for Blue Moon II Essence:

  • Enhances the ability to faithfully follow your spiritual path
  • Enables you to identify your true spiritual vocation
  • Increases the likelihood of bringing together your physical/material persona and your soul self.
  • Heightens your awareness of the needs of others
  • Enables you to truly love and respect all sentient beings unconditionally
  • Helps you identify and meet your own spiritual and material needs
  • Helps you love yourself and others unconditionally
  • Bathes the energy field in unconditional love and compassion
  • Raises the vibration of any space
  • Creates Sacred space


The first Blue Moon Essence was co-created during the Blue Moon phases in July and August 2013.

A Blue Moon occurs when there are two Full Moons [or New Moons] in the same sun sign. This essence is unique and cannot be recreated in this format for many years. It contains the Divinely Inspired Fire of a powerful double Leo Sun; the desire to serve of the Capricorn Full Moon and the mental clarity communicated by the Aquarian Full Moon.
For those who wish the opportunity to be Divinely Inspired, creating and communicating those inspirations clearly and robustly with the collective.
Divine Fire – Inspiration from the Pure Light of the Leo Sun subtly reflected by the Icy Full Clear Aquarian Moon.
Key words: Divine Inspiration; Mental Clarity; Creativity; Collective, clear communication
This powerful essence is available for a short time only. Use to get your mental processes functioning fully, to access your full creative potential and to express yourself clearly and concisely in whatever form you excel at. The written word springs from the page with renewed energy and vitality; the paint palette shines with the vibrant divine light, the music rings forth with the power to touch the toughest heart; to gently nurture and soften it, enabling love to return.
Suggested uses for Blue Moon I Essence:
• To restore your creative muse.
• To access your deepest most profound centre of creativity.
• To reveal the overwhelming power of the Inspiration of Divine Leo Fire
• To create a master piece in your chosen field that speaks to the collective
• To reach out to those who desire to be creators
Especially powerful during the full and new moon time
• For all those who seek to communicate with the collective through the creative arts
• For all aspiring speakers
• For all those who wish to receive Divine Guidance
Please note this essence will only be available for a limited time.  I STILL HAVE A SMALL QUANTITY OF BLUE MOON I Essence.

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