Crescent Moon

 Crescent - Copy
This is the essence of Emergence

Utilising the subtle unfolding and emerging aspects of stunning Rutile Quartz gem elixir. Essential oils of Bergamot, Fennel, Palma Rosa, Sandalwood & Citrus, enable the search for knowledge & the growth of intuition within the emerging soul self. Empowers you to embrace new beginnings & enhances your receptivity to Soul evolution

Keywords: Unfolding, New Beginnings, Nurturing early growth.

First Co-created in August 2010; current Mother Tincture co-created in August 2012, in Libra/Air.

Additional aspects if used when the Crescent moon is in a:
• Fire sign – Embrace your Power; explore its significance.
• Earth sign – Allow the unfolding of new ventures & adventures in your life.
• Water sign – Nurture your emerging and burgeoning inspiration.
• Air sign – Encourage your creative talents with positive affirmations.
Suggested uses for Crescent Moon Essence
• Releasing the past
• Embracing the new
• Moving house
• Changing jobs
• Lifestyle changes
• Stepping into your power

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