Disseminating Moon

This is the essence of Commitment

SADLY SOLD OUT UNTIL further notice.

Like a loving mother Archangel Samael is committed to our well-being and our success on our journey through this incarnation. Sometimes her love manifests as a strict and hard taskmaster. Created using a stunning Tibetan Clear Quartz Point the gem elixir enables courageous negotiation of the Soul’s journey through this phase of life. Essential oils of Bitter Orange, Basil & Cinnamon Leaf assist acceptance of one’s own responsibility. This essence supports our journey, & enables us to see the unique benefit of true ‘Response’ Ability. This essence helps us discern between what is right and true for us, what is healthy and wholesome, and then to make wise choices. Owning our spiritual nature and allowing ourselves to walk a path that combines our divine and our human selves. Creating new patterns of behaviour that support our desire to be healthy and to walk the talk.
Disseminating means distributing or spreading. A time of sharing the harvest and abundance.
Keywords: Discernment, Discipline, Harvest, Responsibility, Sharing Well-being & Success.

First Co-created in July 2010, current Mother Tincture co-created in August 2012 in Pisces/Water.

Additional aspects if used when the Disseminating moon is in a:
• Fire sign – Acknowledging and announcing your Spirituality.
• Earth sign – Living your truth; manifesting your Soul purpose in this life time. Teaching others by example.
• Water sign – Allowing your emotional nature to co-exist alongside the other aspects of your being.
• Air sign – Expressing in thoughts and words; your gratitude and wonderment at all that surrounds you.
Suggested uses for Disseminating Moon Essence
• Guidance and support during times of Soul Evolution
• During times of reflection and redirection
• When challenged by our responsibilities
• Appreciation of life’s abundant good things.
• For the courage of your convictions, standing up for you true beliefs.
• Leading the way for others to tread with you.
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