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What makes these essences unique?

The sign, element, or phase of the Moon is never just about what the moon is emitting to us.  It is modified by its ability to reflect to us the vibration of the Suns sign and element.  The combination is not unique among the planets with the exception of the Sun they all have and do reflect to us a modified, by synergistic blending with their own qualities, sun essence.  Which is why where the sun and moon are astrologically (astronomically) is relevant to the frequency we receive.

We are able to receive this energy – here on Earth – as photons of light, and possible as sound waves.  Our ancient forbears knew this and created special places where they could capture specific pivotal moments when the vibration was able to bring about transformation to both individuals and the collective.

The frequency of each essence re-creates that time/phase of the moon for you whenever you use it.

As part of the co-creation process each constituent part of each essence was purified energetically, dedicated to carry only the highest and finest of healing and light vibrations and to work only for the highest good of who or what ever it came into contact with, in accordance with that individuals soul purpose.  The completed essence was also Blessed by its over lighting Archangel.