Gibbous Moon

This is the essence of Blessings

I have worked with this essence since September 2009; this was the first essence I co-created and the inspiration for them all. Co-Created with Archangel Zadkiel using a gem essence made with a natural citrine Akashic channeller point and the essential oils of Frankinsense, Myrhh & Lemon. The Bringer of Gifts; this essence creates possibilities for abundance to manifest from unexpected sources, opens your ability to receive, enables the talents and skills to manifest your inspirations, enhances the ability to see that life is good, allows you to be endowed with all life’s many blessings, & encourages innovative ways to tackle practical challenges.

Keywords: Gifts & Blessings, Opening to receive, beneficent, potential for fulfilment, promise of abundance, realization of dreams, bringer of abundance and beauty.

First co-created in September 2009. Current mother tincture co-created in July/August 2012, in Sagittarius/Fire. 

Additional aspects if used when the Gibbous moon is in a:
• Fire sign – Instils the drive to fulfil your destiny. Inevitability, clearing of pathways.
• Earth sign – Ambitions, outcomes become clear;
• Water sign – a time for completion and emotional adjustment.
• Air sign – revealing ideas, promoting your vision with enthusiasm.
Suggested uses for Gibbous Essence
• Giving and receiving of gifts
• Manifesting Abundance
• Blessings
• Realising your full potential
• Enthusiasm
• Innovation
• Tackling practical issues
• Realising your dreams
Testimonials for Gibbous Moon Essence:

“I did a short meditation. Warm and welcoming presence, colours rose and purple. Comforting and warm.” Monika, (Hungary)