Last Quarter Moon

This is the Essence of Healing

Archangel Raphael asks us to come back to ourselves for healing, as she supports us with her gentle strength. The gem elixir made with a Brandenburg Amethyst Twin point with water inclusion is symbolic of this return to self. Spike Lavender, Roman Chamomile and May Change essential oils soothe and repair our soul’s wounds. This brings the ultimate healing experience.
Last Quarter Moon is light and dark in equal measure, the crucial moment when we can access both, a pivotal moment between the outer and inner aspects of our being. The moment of choice, to move confidently forward into the darker phases of the moon, sure of the power of darkness to restore and heal.
First Co-created in August 2010. The current Mother Tincture was co-created during August 2012.
Keywords: Symmetry, Love, Return to centre, anticipation, encouragement.

First Co-created in August 2010. The current Mother Tincture was co-created during August 2012, in Taurus/Earth.

Additional aspects when used when the Last Quarter Moon is in a:
Fire sign – Illuminates the path, for those who fear to tread boldly into the dark time of the moon. Encouraging the spirit when it is flagging, tired or unsure.
Earth sign – Physically restorative and enables healthy choices.
Water sign – Balances emotional responses; aids recognition of inappropriate or unhelpful emotions.
Air sign – Opportunity for lateral thinking; all directions accessible. Ability to recognise and discern between helpful and unhelpful thought forms.
Suggested uses for Last Quarter Moon Essence
• When physical, mental or emotional bodies have become distanced from the Spiritual
• When Soul wounds need bringing to the surface for healing
• Accessing past life traumas for healing
• Accessing Akashic record for re-balancing.
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