New (Dark) Moon

 Black Moon
This is the essence of Transformation

This essence was co-created with the deeply grounding, darkly serene qualities of Black Tourmaline & Smokey Quartz gem elixir. The essential oils of Black Pepper, Niaoli & Bergamot, instil encouragement and fearlessness.
Contains the spark of creation and as the light seed expands and prepares for the explosion it leaks strands of pure light in readiness. Conception image to create creation, the millisecond before (white dot in deep purple black) and the millisecond after (black dot in iridescent white and silver) Re-birth, Renewal. How it is immediately before and after you incarnate. Archangel Gabriel announces conception and re-birth.
Also known as ‘Black’ Moon; because the moon is not visible at this time.

Keywords: Courage, Fearlessness, Conception, Re-birth; Renewal.

First created August 2010; the current Mother Tincture created August 2012 Moon in Leo/Fire.

Additional aspects if used when the New moon is in a:

• Fire sign – Shadows the sun and enables you to look into its splendour and see beyond the fire & flames.
• Earth sign – Comforts and protects, enables the warrior in you to emerge.
• Water sign – Allows disturbing emotions to surface to be healed.
• Air sign – A chance to re-evaluate your deepest thoughts.

Suggested uses for New Moon Angel Essence
• Physical: has an affinity for healing and balancing:
o Eyes
o Kidneys
o Fertility
• Use to fearlessly seek the still & silent places within the deepest darkest hidden recesses of the soul.
• Use to light your creative spark.
• Use to access Akashic record in meditation.
Testimonials for New Moon Essence :

“This essence affected me most strongly after applying to hands I stood up and stroked through/over my energy field/aura and almost immediately there was a tingly, sparkling sensation, felt almost light-headed.” Patricia (Oslo, Norway)
“It felt very peaceful; NOTED: My sickest dog suddenly joined me during this meditation – very surprising as he is deaf and had been asleep in another room.

That night I had dreams of flying – wonderful because it is years since I have had dreams like this that I have been able to remember.” Christine (UK)

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