Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse
[Sun & Moon]
This is the essence of Fire & Ice

Key words: Compassion; Contrast; Opposites; Purification, refreshing, soothing.
Created with gem elixir made from sacred water, a clear quartz sphere, a rutile quartz sphere, a crackle quartz point and a stunning sunstone. Essential oils of peppermint, blue chamomile, cypress, bitter orange and grapefruit.
This essence allows the soul to breathe and recover in darkness without the fiery presence. Moments of insight into the nature of opposites, forgiveness and understanding can be captured and brought through to change perceptions forever. Profound chance to reform and free ourselves from traditional oppressive shackles.
Solar Eclipse Essence is especially powerful at sunrise & sunset.
This is the first time I have shared the process of co-creating an essence, it feels very special.
This new essence was co-created during the Solar Eclipse at the time of the New Moon in Scorpio/Water on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at 2255 bst [-1 gmt]
I am thrilled to be co-creating my first essence at my new home in North Nottinghamshire UK. My garden is already a magical space, inhabited by fairies, angels and other amazing energies. I am constructing a very special place in the garden where I can co-create the amazing moon essences, and I am delighted that this first one is a totally new essence.
Here is my experience of using Solar Eclipse Essence for the first time in meditation, at sunrise on 23rd December 2014.
Asked for keyword for Solar Eclipse Essence – chose Angel card of Compassion and the Blank – did not understand so checked that was correct – it was.
Image of sun being obscured by moon – total darkness – flooded by feelings of love and compassion – Mother Love – womb like – dark, warm and enfolding – Compassion now makes sense as does Blank as this initially felt like a void but was immediately filled with the nurturing and regenerating energy of the feminine face of god – the Shekinah; Kuan Yin, the Madonna; all in one the Moon Goddess in her role of mother – like stepping out of the bright sunshine into the gentle arms of a trees shade – refreshing and soothing.
Testimonials for Solar Eclipse Essence:
Solar Eclipse essence was trialled between New Moon on 22nd December 2014 and New Moon on 20th January 2015. Here is some of the feedback from testers:

“an amazing essence, deeply insightful and amazing for forging a path to the deepest levels of soul forgiveness on an unconditional scale and immense for soul healing and soul freedom. I am truly grateful for you asking me to trial this essence.” Annie L – Kent

“my third eye was the main receptor, it seemed to make my visions clearer.” Claire W – France