Solar Eclipse


Healing the Divide

Co-created September 2015.

Archangels Zaphkiel & Raziel

An exceptional essence, unique and powerful.  Spiritual harmony heals the divide Soluna dissolves animosity, with love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, integrity, resolve and strength. Reveals the beauty and true nature of the balanced spirit.

Essential oils: Lemon, Rose Geranium & Sandalwood

Crystal essence: Green Amethyst; Natural Citrine, Fossilized Wood & Labradorite.

Key words: Compassion, forgiveness, integrity, resolve, strength.

Co-created with the combined vibrations of the two eclipses in September 2015.

The Solar eclipse during the New Moon/Sun in Virgo & the Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Aries/Sun in Libra.

“Soft is not weak, louder not stronger”

[From Sidereal Hymn, by Muriel]

For eons man and woman-kind have oscillated between polarities; matriarchy overthrown by patriarchy.  Abuse and intolerance reigned, neither would concede, forgive or try to understand the other.  Cruelty; ignorance and fear trammelled the human spirit into the mire.

Now is the dawning of a new age.  Hope for reconciliation is renewed, we are poised on the brink of a breakthrough, a revelation.  Whilst we hover at the edge we can view the two polar opposites drawn together and then repelled; unable to break free and unable to come together in any harmonious and loving way.  Each has an insatiable need for the other; as the two halves of a disjointed whole.

SOLUNA the latest Angel Moon Essence dissolves the fear; the pain; the ignorance and intolerance as the darkness recedes the beauty and true nature of the balanced spirit is revealed.

Neither pity nor envy remain

No fear, no pain can survive.

Ignorance and intolerance are dissolved

Strength is born of hope

Forgiveness is born of Love

Compassion is born of understanding.

Joyful re-union reigns supreme!

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