Focus on Memories

Today my focus is MEMORY, this is how I interpret it.

Learn wise use of memories, recalling events, situations, emotions, thoughts, feelings and beings from your “past” with detachment.  Good, bad or neutral it is vital to acknowledge their existence without being drawn back into the memory.  To accept the facts, thoughts, emotions and actions of the time without judgement or regret.  Whether that regret is for good times or things now gone, or bad times you fear may come again.  Ask yourself if there is anything further you need to learn from the experience you are re-calling, if not be prepared to finally release it and move on.  Use the affirmation “I recall and release all memories that no longer have relevance.  I recall and retain all that brings me joy.

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Embodying Joy

For the past few weeks I have been working with a likeminded group of people, as part of our connection with each other we have each been embodying a quality on behalf of the whole group.  My quality is Joy and each day I allow Joy to flow to me from the divine and fill every aspect of my being, when I am full, I envisage the Joy I am filled with radiating out to all the members of our group.  When I sense they too are replete with Joy I ask that is radiates out to all sentient beings who are open to receiving it.

This makes an amazing positive start to my day and hopefully that of others too.  If you would like to be on the receiving end of the Joy [the quality will change as the year progresses, and the changes will be posted on the blog and facebook]; all you need do is to affirm that you are open to receiving it.

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A Perfection of Pixies

I spent a delightful afternoon yesterday creating my granddaughters first bespoke (her Mum picked the fabric) frock.  The sun streamed in through the open door and windows of my craft room filling it with light and creating sparkling crystal rainbows as it played with the faceted crystals hanging in the window.  I did not need my music player as the birds were filling my garden with song.  It was magical and perfect.  I was creating in a wonderful space.  Very quickly (or so it seemed), the dress was finished; had a little vision of the birds in the Cinderella fairy tale holding the little dress up as they did in the Disney movie.  I hung it on a hanger and sent a picture to my daughter.   Imagine my horror when she sent a text straight back “Are the fairies meant to be flying upside down?”  Oh no!  I had been so good about my perfectionism, accepting that one sleeve was a millimetre shorter than the other and the zipper was a bit crook, but could I live with myself knowing that I had made the whole dress with each and every fairy flying upside down?  I immediately tried to work out how I had managed to get them completely reversed.

I had laid out the pattern pieces so carefully, making sure they all went the same way.  But then, those naughty pixies suggested I could save fabric if I made the pieces fit better.  During the re-arrangement those naughty pixies must have reversed the direction of the fabric.  How come I never noticed?  Then or at any time during the construction or even when I hung it up to take the picture, completely oblivious to the most obvious mistake!  Not until I looked at the photo after receiving that text did I realise my mistake.  Now what shall I do about it?  I can see a way to “fix” it, which would involve a bit of a remake or I could conquer my perfectionism by allowing this total gaff to appear for all to see.  I jokingly said to my neighbour over the fence “I did it on purpose, so that when the baby holds the hem up to commune with the fairies on her frock, they will be the right way up!”  Don’t think she believed me, LOL.

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I want to share with you how I am experiencing re-visiting and going more deeply into Essential Quest.  I am endeavouring to spend sometime each morning 30 – 60 minutes, depending on what else is demanding my attention.  I have challenged myself for one month to use oracle cards that I have not used for some time, as I felt I was becoming a little blase about choosing my daily focus, challenge and strategy from the little Quest Focus cards.  For this month I am choosing my focus from the Inner child cards, and my challenge/strategy from the Rune Stones.  So far these have been very interesting and revealing.

Sometimes to move forward on our Soul Path we need to be still, embrace the void and trust that a new path or beginning; a new way of being of service in the world, will reveal itself.  This has been the message of the oracles for most of the past week.

From now until I complete this first month’s challenge around the 20th April I will endeavour to post these daily insights and guidance here.  Please check back tomorrow to learn what the message for me is.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

love and hugs Julie xx

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Quantum Leap – Scotland


Began on 29th February, with a day of intense and transformational meditations and healing.  The second transformational day of meditation and healing on June 20th.  Click here for the full details.  Quantum Leap 2016

This is how the willingness to embrace change that my experiences on the February Quantum Leap day revealed; has manifested in my life.

How is it that just when you expect your life to change in one direction, the universe decides it is time to launch you onto a completely unexpected path?  A month ago I was anticipating being able to stay at home here in Nottinghamshire more than I have been able to for the past 18 months.  I was looking forward to finally getting to grips with the new house, the planned extension and half finished conversion, being able to tidy the garden and resume all the community activities I had started before illness in the family disrupted life for me.  Just as the end was in sight and a final trip to complete arrangements so that no further visits would be necessary was underway, my husband dropped the bombshell that his new contract was not in Liverpool as expected but at the top of Scotland, not two hours drive away but ten!  With no possibility of commuting or even regular visits we decided the best plan was to rent a cottage and move north!  The last month has been totally taken up with tying up loose ends and we are now packing for the move and leaving in just a few days from now.  We shall be travelling and arriving during the New Moon Phase – very auspicious!  For days now I have been drawing cards that imply a big impending change, today [Wednesday 1st June] I have ‘Launching your Journey’….
The synchronicity suggests that going with the flow is the optimum strategy for me at this time. I am trying to remain mindful, in the moment, as I juggle all the things that need completing; and trying to maintain a sense of perspective as I prioritise and recognise the need to postpone many seemingly important tasks.

How do you view change in your life?  Is it sometimes difficult to embrace the changes that seem beyond your control?  Soul Quest is designed to facilitate your ability to move forward with the tide of life embracing every aspect of it as an opportunity, in the company of likeminded individuals.

Meditation and quiet reflection are key to gaining perspective.  Mindfulness teaches us to transcend the mundane and review our choices objectively. Mindfulness Meditation


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The New Moon Robin

During my meditation for New Moon earlier this month I was visited by a small and slightly scruffy Robin.  Unusually I was using my craft studio in the garden for my meditation, as my usual space was being re-furbished and my temporrary space, my bedroom, was occupied by my sleeping baby grandaughter.

I set up my sacred space in my small studio facing the big picture window overlooking the vey plot and inspiring water barrels and compost bins – but still very restful with many shades of green and splashes of spring colour.  The sky was a pale almost transluscent blue of an early spring day with just a few white fluffy clouds scattered through it.

Many birds were flitting about in and out of the hedge and around the bird feeders on the pear tree and holly tree either side.

A tiny Robin was perched, not standing but sort of sitting on top of the wooden fence, quite conspicous and very still initially.  As I meditated the Robin remained very still until about the time of the New Moon, roughly half way through my hour long meditation.  He [or she] suddenly started singing; beautiful and perfectly pitched, the notes tinkled in the otherwise now still and silent garden.  After a few minutes the Robin fluttered the few feet to the compost bin and perched on the side; from there to the feeder on the pear tree and then to the privet hedge, finally back to his spot on atop the fence opposite my window for another serenade of delightful song.

Suddenly he fell silent, and crouched low against the fence, then quickly tumbled over the edge and onto the strawberry planter a few inches below, shuffling into the strawberry leaves and hiding.  Moments later a shadow passed over the spot on the fence where he had been just a few seconds before, I looked up, a huge hawk was circling over the gardens and field behind, gliding in majestic sweeping circles, its gaze fixed on the ground below.  The whole garden was now still and silent again, all the little birds wer absent or hiding, my friend the Robin was still just visible to me in his hiding place among the strawberry plants.

When the danger had passed, the thrush alighted in the pear tree and trilled the all clear; which was taken up by several other birds.  The chaffinch and starling most noticably.

The Robin emerged and hopped back up onto the fence and promptly resumed his song.

The garden was suddenly alive again with tiny and speedy birds, the air was stirred and full of their chattering and song.

Many things struck me about this, the beauty and fragility of our native wildlife, the Robin’s ability to be ‘in the moment’ and the cameraderie and community of spirit amongst the different species of small birds.

The magnificent flight and power of the hawk was contrasted with the familiar and homely activities of the garden birds and their reactions to the threat it posed.

Return here soon for The Robin – Part Two an interpretation of the meaning of Robin energy as an oracle.

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Pixie Perspective


Pixies Perspective Pondering
A few mornings ago, as I was drinking my first brew of the day, I was joined by my pixie friends. “What are you calling yourselves today?” I asked after the initial greetings & chatter about who among them was able to drink tea; some did but I could see from the blushes it was not something they liked to admit, none of the others criticized but there was an air of sorrow that some of their number had succumbed to what is thought of as pixie poison (one of many substances we humans enjoy that is harmful to other species).
The answer to my question, when it came, as they began to discuss (and squabble a bit in a half joking and generally friendly fashion)to decide what they felt they should be collectively called and how this title should reflect their mood or activities for that moment in time or phase of their existence. Then we wandered into how a name collective or otherwise could influence how they felt. We meandered through a discussion of what a collection of other species was to humans and if the first principle could be applied. Here are some of their musings on this point: A ‘gaggle of geese’ – very apt we agreed as it described the noise they made when they were gathered together on the ground. Ah yes, but what about when they fly? I queried, then they are called a ‘skein of geese’; after some pixie puzzlement and a description of a ‘skein’ as a hank of wool or string loosely gathered together, they thought about how geese formed a V shape in flight with maybe odd ‘legs’ to it and possibly a straggler or two trailing behind. I am not sure they were convinced by a ‘skein of geese’.
By this time my tea was lukewarm and I noticed one or two pixies taking surreptitious sips; I pretended not to notice, they are embarrassed very easily (and sometimes offended as a shield for this).
We explored a few more collective nouns for animals a ‘herd’ of cows; again applicable as these creatures generally allow themselves to be herded or directed in a particular way by humans and their dogs. A ‘flock of sheep’; we had some disagreement with this as some pixies (mostly the females) thought it described the appearance of sheep, as being similar to ‘flock’; a fluffy substance applied to fabric, I could see where they were coming from with this and most of the other pixies could too; but one or two insisted we had the wrong meaning for ‘flock’, their point was also pretty convincing when applied to sheep, who do indeed ‘flock’ together, probably a defensive strategy, and they tend to follow a leader. This was an interesting debate already but then one of the older pixies; who had so far just listened attentively occasionally nodding her agreement; posed the question of collective nouns for humans. A crowd was the first put forward. They were not much impressed with our human word and began to excitedly invent some of their own. After much animated discussion, laughter and pixie sparks generated they decided we should call ourselves after what we happened to be doing, as they sometimes did.
I have to say these pixie friends of mine can be very convincing as well as entertaining. Two Blue Buttons (see Pixie Buttons blog) described how he once watched a group of walkers, about a dozen of them strung out in twos and threes, with one or two singles in a line about 300 yards long. “What would they be called?” 2BB asked, ramblers I replied, the pixies didn’t agree that a ‘Ramble of walkers’ was accurate, I was laughing at how the pixie mind translated ‘ramblers’ into a ‘ramble of walkers, gently and lovingly amused by them as I often am. 2BB interrupted with his opinion that on the day he watched the walkers they should have been called a ‘straggle’ because they were all strung out.
We then explored other physical human collective activities; sports mostly and thought about the generic term of ‘Team’ for the players. The pixies had a lot of fun coming up with collective nouns for individual sports. Here are some of them: ‘A rabble of rugby players’; Hockey ‘a heist’; Polo a ‘Pony’; Football – a ‘fool’ (we had a lot of meandering on this one, mostly involving human behaviour both on and off the pitch. Pixies can be very astute and correctly identified the ‘flock’ mentality when humans are exposed to fear of ‘not belonging’; they have promised to return to debate their views on this. I look forward to that!
Finally after about an hour or so we got back to the original question. I didn’t need to ask again; they hadn’t forgotten, pixies rarely do that; they were just arriving at a conclusion before replying. When out of the blue one of them said today we could be a ‘preponderance of pixies’. A little detour was taken here when I remarked how often they chose a word that started with the same letter as the name of the species (or group) they were describing. For some reason this provoked a storm of chatter and laughter. Some pixies laughing so much (the ones who had been quietly knitting nice new red pixie summer hats from silk, in the round to a very complicated pattern. They were using large blackthorn needles, with a silk worm to one side and a cochineal beetle to the other. ); fell off their bed post perches. That took a lot of untangling.
When eventually the merriment subsided a few more suggestions were made. A ‘parliament of pixies’ was one thought; some of them tried this out; it reflected so they thought our human behaviour; much heated debate, some hysterical laughter… Ah but no, finally they didn’t want to compare themselves to the more dis reputable and dishonourable side of our human representatives in ‘parliament’. They, and I agree with them, did not think pixies behaved that badly even when they disagreed which they often did. I remarked to them that they maybe represented how humans should behave when they disagreed, and mentioned how much I admire the pixies democratic, gentle and loving way they sorted out a collective response.
More discussion followed and their final collective noun for that day at that time was ‘a preponderance’; they explained it described what they had been doing. Pre- ponder – ing before they responded. Something we all should do a little more often, although maybe not for quite as long as pixies do.

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Angelic Hierarchy…. ?

Angelic Hierarchy? Is there such a thing?

A hierarchy of Angelic beings is traditional in some religions. It is an idea that is difficult to equate with unconditionally loving beings, surely to love unconditionally you cannot place another being, angelic or human or any other life form above, or below you?

I have thought and meditated for a long time on this one, and eventually realised the difference is vibrational. As with all life forms and not that those of higher or finer or purer vibration or frequency are better than those of a lower, denser or coarser vibration. Imagine trying to prove that steam was superior to water, which in turn was better than ice? The constituents of each are the same; the difference is the rate at which they vibrate. One is not better or worse than the other, they are all equally valuable and useful, and beautiful. But they have different uses; value and beauty; they have different affinities – areas in which they excel, or are naturally at home.

The same is true of all the other life forms we encounter on our journey. So what is the difference between Angels and other ‘energetic beings’?

Let’s start with what is an Angel. Angels are pure energy – they are all Soul or Heart. They have no corporeal [physical] body, although they can make themselves visible and appear to have a physical presence, they can even seem to physically touch us.

So how do they differ from other dis-incarnate Souls? I used to think that Angels have never inhabited a corporeal body, whereas human souls, and elemental souls, animal souls etc have. But there are, I have discovered, one or two exceptions to the never having incarnated rule. Indeed our journey North East is over lit by one.

The physical incarnation of souls other than humans is the subject of much debate. My own view is that an element of the ‘soul’ or the ‘over soul’ the universal aspect of our existence as a soul is present in all ‘sentient’ things, whether or not they appear to be animated, or ‘alive’. In this category I would place, the planet [although it is rotating and travelling through space on its orbit of the Sun]; rocks and minerals, metals [although they can become liquid when heated]. Plants are ‘rooted’ to the earth [usually, but there are exceptions, such as arboreal plants or those that float around on the ocean]; so usually sedentary in nature, yet they still move, and animals of course are as active as we are, that just leaves those elemental beings who inhabit other dimensions, and are visible only when we attune our own vibration to theirs. I believe they too have a form of physical being, albeit somewhat different to our own or that of animals. I suspect that their physical form will be aligned to that of the ‘area of expertise’ they are assigned to, i.e. Dryads will resemble the trees they care for.

Yet my belief is that they are all, minerals, plants, animals, elementals; also on an evolutionary soul journey and we are as much part of their journey as they are of ours.

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There is only one certainty…

There is only one certainty…
If you don’t start the journey you will never complete the journey.
So begin today. Take your courage in both hands and take the first step.
Do not be daunted by the distance to be covered; the stamina to be found; the immense and diverse landscape to be explored!
Take the first step, then when you have drawn breath; take the second and the third.
Do not allow yourself to be deterred by thoughts of: “I do not have enough time to take this journey today” and then think of a hundred ‘reasons’ not to take that first or next step.
There will never be a ‘perfect’ time, there is no way if you cannot make time today, that tomorrow will be any different.
The time to begin to “be the change you want to see” [Gandhi]; is NOW; today, with the first small step; and the second and each step that follows. Sometimes it may seem easy, the sun will shine, the path is smooth and you will be able to take giant strides. Other times the rain pours down, the path is knee deep in mud and clouds obscure your view. Your steps are slow and laborious, but you keep on placing one foot in front of the other, being present to the experience and knowing you are walking your path.
Or you choose not to tread your path at all. “Now is not the right time” you say…. Then When Is?
Resistance is futile.
If you sign up for something then find yourself not doing it; is it a case of ‘your eyes are bigger than your belly’ and you are unable or unwilling to digest what is offered? Or is it resistance disguised as ‘busyness’. If it is resistance it is futile, if you should be acknowledging your cosmic consciousness and learning to listen to it, then sooner or later the Universe will find a way to make you do so.
The choice is yours, you have free will, you can choose to follow the path willingly and joyously OR you can wait until you are pushed and painfully find yourself trudging along the path you have been avoiding….. Which will you choose?

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What is it? And do I have one?
What is my philosophy? How long have you got?
And if I knew how would I summarise it?
Gandhi did “Be the change you want to see” – Simple
OK the concept of an overarching concept of philosophy is eluding me. At best my ‘philosophy’ is a random collection of phrases like Gandhi’s. But which is ‘my’ philosophy?
I do have a philosophy for the Soul Quest. So lets start with that. My philosophy for the Soul Quest is to empower the Questors to discover their own. Therefore ‘my’ philosophy is irrelevant; your philosophy should be the one that concerns you. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel if someone else’s philosophy; like Gandhi’s above, works for you then adopt it; try it on for size; wear it for a while. Then don’t be afraid to adapt it to fit you; like a close fitting garment it should feel like part of you. And don’t be afraid to discard a philosophy when it no longer fits; we all change and our lives change around us.
On the Soul Quest I encourage you to seek your own philosophy; your truth; you can borrow some of mine for a while but ultimately you must discard the ones that don’t fit perfectly and replace them with your own.
You can find out more about the Soul Quest Online Course here
Soul Quest Online
Today My philosophy is I have a million questions and each one will lead to a million more; and that is ok; I will never stop seeking My Truth, until You have discovered Yours.

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