The Gaia Project

I hope you will join us in this meditation Project.

Shown below are:

  • Dates for your diary for 2021.
  • The remit for the meditations – Fire the Grid
  • How to take part
  • The Gaia Healing Mandala
  • Feedback


Saturday 27th

FULL MOON at 0819 GMT (8.19 am)  The linked meditation time will be from 0800 – 0900 BST (8.00 – 9.00 am) 

Meditation dates for your 2021 Diary:

Mar – NM 13th; FM 28th.  Apr – NM 12th; FM 27th

May – NM 11th; FM 26th.  Jun – NM 10th; FM 24th

Jul – NM 10th; FM 24th.  Aug – NM 8th; FM 22nd.

Sep – NM 7th; FM 20th.  Oct – NM 6th; FM 20th.

Nov – NM 4th; FM 19th.  Dec – NM 4th; FM 19th.

A reminder with dates will be sent out as a Gaia Newsletter a few days before the first meditation each month.  For more on the Astrological Aspects follow this link Astrological Opportunities.

If you wish to receive the reminders you will need to sign up for the Gaia Newsletters, you can unsubscribe at any time.

In addition if you wish you can focus on the GRID whenever you usually meditate or at a specific time of day of your choice. 


The remit for the meditations has become widespread and flexible.


There will be regular ‘linked’ meditations at the time of the New and Full Moon each month.  The Project focus will be Firing the Grid of Light which is part of the energy field of the planet.  Filling this with Love and Compassion is the main aim.  See Gaia Blog ‘The Earth’s Energy Field’ for more information on the Grid.


See below ‘Firing the Grid’ for further information on how to do this.
 Suggested Mantra to use:
“May there be love and compassion on this planet and in the hearts and minds of all those open to receiving it.”

Here are some more Key words you may wish to include:

Hope, Healing, Patience, Peace, Joy, Calm.
A more powerful mantra for you would be one you have composed yourself along similar lines.  Work in whatever way you are guided, ensure you are grounded and working in a safe and cleansed space, dedicated to the light and the greatest good of all.


Please note the following criteria I would like you to follow:

  1.  As those of you who know me well will attest I have very strong views on gaining permission before sending healing or even praying for someone.  Where this is not possible I strongly recommend you include at the start of your healing session the following or similar phrase.

“I ask that the healing and positive vibrations sent with integrity and love to infuse the Earth’s Energy Grid is ONLY available for those who wish to receive it”

My reasons for this are complex but the three most important aspects of this are: 

i)  Would you want some random person you don’t know to interfere with your energy field? 

ii)  Sending healing however well-intentioned could be directly interfering with some one’s life path, and hence Soul Purpose in this life time, would you want to take away that responsibility?

iii)  Finally, some people hold very strong views on receiving ‘healing’ or even prayers from those who do not hold the same beliefs as them, by sending healing or praying for them indiscriminately you are taking away their choice, and that in my view, is an abuse of human rights.

2)  Where ever you happen to be during at the time of the New or Full Moon join in, if possible for the full hour, but don’t worry if it is less.  Don’t forget it you miss it you can always ‘post’ it back.

3)  Feel free to use whatever healing modality you practice; ensure you work in a sacred space wherever possible, prepare and conclude as if you were giving one to one healing.  

4)  If you don’t have a healing modality to work to, or you haven’t practised for a while, This link will take you to some simple guidance for preparing and concluding the session:  Preparing and concluding a healing session.

5)  Remember this is as much about helping you to cope and heal as it is about bringing relief to others.  Reaching out to others helps us to feel useful in a situation where we feel powerless.  When time and distance mean we cannot physically reach out to others, we can reach out and offer healing and hope etherically and through the wonders of modern communication online.

6)  Don’t forget to be open to receiving healing yourself. Link to the Grid regularly to receive the positive energy yourself.


 If you wish to work with the Healing Project Mandala you can access it and instructions for how to use it by following this link: Gaia Project Mandala


Here is some feedback from those who were part of the Covid 19 response Meditations taking place between Mid- March and end of June 2020.

“I’m loving being in this meditation space”

“Loved the rose quartz energy  Julie, when I really focus on grounding myself, I imagine roots wrapping round a huge chunk of rose quartz at centre of the earth . Lovely.”

Sue M


Rose (quartz) was very strong . I settled myself with playing a little flute and after sounding singing bowl I drummed for about 30 minutes. I saw a grid over our wonderful planet and could sense thousands and thousands joining us. A true coming together. Today I feel tearful and have grounded myself with food and rest.

I was overwhelmed yesterday evening by a friend who is one of our army of carers and who is exhausted. Trying to send my love to those with a strong desire to help them balance the care for others with care for themselves. Barbara S, Kent

“Love the mandala Julie.  Beautiful. will be lovely to be part of the topping up process”

“Just had a lovely meditation with the mandala. Towards the end was drawn to the ring of snowflake obsidian and seeing the light in the darkness.  Just wanted to share.  Hope you are all finding the mandala helpful and supportive too and thank you for all you are adding to it.”

Sue, in Ireland

“The meditation/healing this Sunday did not go totally to script, I started with the usual cleansing of my space and rose quartz crystals, lighting my oil burner and choosing some reiki healing music

I then said the relevant confirmations then using the Cho Ku Rei healing symbol (don’t know why just felt right) I proceeded to send healing and love to the universe and all people ill or struggling to cope with the covid:19 situation and open to receiving it.

My mind started wondering at this stage ( maybe because of my own recent illness)  but felt the need to include another group of people who I feel must be terrified the poor Cancer sufferers who are not receiving the surgery or chemo treatment they require due to the virus and will be including these and anybody else who may not be receiving necessary treatments for their ailments during this time in my future sessions.”

Dave, Essex