Ensure you are sitting comfortably with your feet flat on the floor, well grounded allow yourself to connect with the Mandala Image below and meditate for a few minutes on the spiralling Rose Quartz energy emanating from it, allow this Rose Quartz essence of Divine Unconditional Love to enfold you, like a strong but very gentle hug.  As you relax into the enfolding Rose Quartz Essence your fears will float away, dissipate into the soft pink haze that surrounds you, to be neutralised into a nourishing essence that is of benefit to others.  Allow the calming Blue Lace Agate to soothe and the Snow Quartz to cleanse your energy field.  Embrace the darkness of the Snowflake Obsidian and be aware of the Light penetrating the darkness and our progress towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Feel the loving nurturing energy emanating from the outer circle of Crystals, the grounding security of the Red Jasper at the bottom of the circle, the loving embrace of the nurturing Carnelian and the optimistic abundance of the Citrine at the top.  When you feel the process is complete, sit quietly for a few moments and breath into the peace of the moment.

The original rose quartz heart has a second heart formed around it, symbolises enfolding love, the clear quartz is the transmitter and holds the energy of all the crystals filtered through the double rose quartz hearts. The snowflake obsidian symbolise the darkness we find ourselves in, the snowflakes are the light within the darkness, and at the end of the tunnel.  Notice how the blue lace agate and the snow quartz pierce the circle of darkness connecting to the rose quartz.  They symbolise BLA calm, peace, serenity and Snow quartz purification, cleansing integrity.  The final circle of crystals has now been added, four Citrine  with a Clear Quartz Amplifier in the centre at the top, the central section each side has six powerful Carnelians, with five reassuring and grounding Red Jasper at the bottom.

I have left the mandala ‘switched on’  for those who wish to, to tap into it.

UPDATE:  The Mandala has been dismantled but it’s healing energy will still be available.  Each Mandala contains a ‘keystone’ that activates the Mandala, the energetic imprint of all the crystals comprising the Mandala, detailed below, are contained within this one stone.  This stone has been dedicated to holding the energy of the Mandala so that you may continue to access the vibration of the whole mandala without the necessity to keep the whole thing in place.  In our Gaia Project Mandala the Keystone is the Clear Quartz Crystal immediately above the Rose Quartz Heart.  This stone will now remain on my altar in front of the Statue of Kuan Yin which is visible in the Mandala image below.

When you work with the Mandala Image or Keystone I suggest you begin with the central crystals forming a heart around the RQ heart, the Rose Quartz energy of unconditional love, try to imagine this energy enfolding those who are feeling overwhelmed by the tragic media coverage, and those who are desperately missing the physical contact with those they hold dear at this time.  Visualise them surrounded by this amazing gentle essence of love, their distress and anxieties are  gradually being erased to leave a sense of well being and peace.   If you wish you can print the Gaia Project Mandala Image and use this as your focus.