Grounding and Nurturing

Often I am reminded these days to ‘Ground’ myself, re-connect to the natural world around me to steady my ‘achy breaky heart’ (Shakin Steven’s I think) that feeling of overwhelm that comes from over indulging in the media.  Walking in natural surroundings, allow the gentle breeze (or howling gale) to blow away the tension and anxiety.  If you can get to the beach, allow the sense of cleansing from the fresh, slightly salty sea spray, watch the waves crashing on the shore, or rippling gently across the sands.  Use all of your senses, listen, look, breathe.  If you cannot get to the woods, or the shore or green open space, but have a garden, get out there and get your hands dirty, deeply connect with the cleansing, grounding and healing only connection to the planet can bring.  If all else fails, you can use images, music and sounds of nature, beside an open window.  If that is not possible for you, try to conjure images, sounds and aromas from memory.

In times of crisis there is nothing we need more than a big soft hug, the sort you get from an unconditionally loving Mother.  The mother who just soothes and cleans your grazed knees without saying ‘I told you not to go so fast’, just hugs you when you cry without needing to know why you are upset.  The love that never judges or says ‘I told you so’.

We all have that unconditionally loving and Nurturing Mother Archetype within us; allow her to surface now, and allow her to enfold you in her loving embrace.  Go deep within and sense the well-being that you crave being given to you; your worries receding, your heart ache comforted.  Be your own Nurturing Source.

When you are grounded and nurtured you can give from a never ending well of compassion and bring the same comfort to others.

Be the change you want to see.

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