Rose Quartz Energy = Unconditonal Love

Working with Crystals has enabled me to understand more clearly how we can overcome the paralysis of fear.

The power of Rose Quartz can help to counteract our fearfulness.  If you have a rose quartz crystal, hold it close and allow yourself to visualise it expanding to enfold you within a shimmering pink haze.  Allow the essence of the Rose Quartz to infuse your whole being with Unconditional Love, feel your fears dissolve, like the morning mist in the warmth of the sun.  Feel the Rose Quartz universal love hug.  Share it with all those who are open to receiving it.

At times we can all become fearful, it is a basic human survival tactic that stops us taking unnecessary risks, so useful in small doses.  However, each thought we have, or message we give out increases the likelihood of our creating the very event we fear.

In her book ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, Susan Jeffers suggests that even telling someone to ‘be careful’, or ‘drive safely’ sends a subliminal message that contributes to our becoming increasingly fearful.

If we believe that we create our own reality then our thoughts are the powerhouse behind that process.  Sending out fearful thought-forms might attract to us the very thing we fear.

I am just pondering on the possibilities in this blog, I would like you to form your own conclusions about this.

Meanwhile can anyone suggest an alternative to the current catchphrase ‘stay safe’; my feeling is it falls into the same category as ‘be careful’.  We need something that dissipates the fear…. over to you.


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