Synchronised Meditations

A new format for 2018 New and Full Moon synchronised meditations.  From the First Full Moon [March 31st] after the Vernal Equinox [March 20th] I shall be posting here a write up of the energies of the sun/moon combinations.  These will vary according to Sun sign and Moon sign.

Our Next distant meditation times and dates are shown below.  If you would like to join us in person our next Full Moon Meditation Evening is on


Next Full Moon Friday 2nd March 2018

Today the moon is full in Virgo which is an earth sign and it is reflecting the light of the sun in Pisces, which is a water sign.

During the 48 hour window surrounding this full moon you have an ideal opportunity to bring emotional conflicts around serving others to the surface, to be grounded and healed.  It may be that you have often sacrificed your own comfort, health, wealth or time to satisfy the needs of others, and that this has left you feeling un appreciated, dis-satisfied or down right envious.   Now is the time to acknowledge these thoughts and feelings, they will be reflected to you by the moon from the sun.  Allowing them to merge into the earth energy of the current moon will bring a sense of perspective, and allow you to see that at all times you have a choice.  You can choose to blame others for their demands on you or you can take response – ability for your reaction.  This is not to ‘blame’ yourself for not saying no [or yes] but to take back your power and know that at all times you have a choice, however un likely the situation may be, the choices you make are your response – ability.

Take the energies of this powerful and transformative time of the full moon in earth reflecting the sun in water.  Think of our usual correlation of the sun with fire [opposite of water] and the moon with water [absorbed by earth].  The result is a strong yet sensitive vibration in the energy field of our planet and every living thing upon it.

Take some time out in quiet reflection or meditation during this ‘window of opportunity’ and allow yourself to be transformed by releasing all blame of yourself or others; taking back your power and discovering Divine love, love for all beings including yourself!

During your meditation or reflection have a sense of being filled with Divine Love and sending it out to all beings.  You might like to use the following phrases, repeat each three times.

“Unconditional Love flows to me from the Divine and fills every aspect of my being.”

“I am a pure and clear channel for Divine Love to flow through.”

“Divine Love radiates out from my energy field to all sentient beings open to receiving it.”

Please feel free to change the words to those with the same meaning that feel true for you.

I shall be doing this meditation myself between 7.30 and 8pm on the evening of Friday 2nd March, if you are able to please join in at that time from wherever you happen to be.

If you prefer you can still work with the previous format:

This is your invitation to join us to meditate at specific times to connect with other like minded light workers to enhance our own meditation experience and spread Light, Love, Joy & Peace on this planet.

I experience this ‘connection’ with the other individuals and groups meditating at this time as a web or grid of lines of energy which encircle the globe in all directions.  At the points where the lines cross, myself and the other meditators taking part radiate out the Love, Light, Joy and Peace via the energy web.

I know of other groups and individuals who experience the connection as reaching out and connecting via a column of light in the centre of a circle of meditators.

You may choose to work in one of these ways or develop your own awareness of the connection.

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Synchronised Moon Meditations