Synchronised Moon Meditations

A new format for 2018 New and Full Moon synchronised meditations.  I shall be posting here a write up of the energies of the sun/moon combinations.  These will vary according to Sun sign and Moon sign.

FULL MOON MEDITATION ON MONDAY 30TH APRIL BETWEEN 7.30 AND 8 pm.  Please join us at this time if you can.

Or you can meditate any time during the Full Moon window which is 48 hours around the full moon time of 0058 GMT, on Monday 30th April 2018

The moon will be full in Scorpio which is a water sign and it is reflecting the light of the sun in Taurus, which is an Earth sign.

During the 48 hour window surrounding this full moon you have an ideal opportunity to ground and heal your emotional issues.  Allowing the emotions you normally hide beneath your Scorpion carapace to be dissolved into the earth by this powerful water sign.  Allow the water to introduce a new more positive attitude and mind set, then using the reflected glow of the Taurean Sun to anchor this into your energy field.

the rest of this moons write up is under construction, please check back at the weekend for the full guidance.

On a mental and emotional level this is an opportunity to move forward with projects and many new ideas and plans may reveal themselves.  Emotionally you can use the fire to burn off extremes and be blown away by the Air of the Libra moon.  The reflected spiritual element of Fire brings the calm of universal and unconditional love.

Take the energies of this powerful and transformative time of the full moon in Air reflecting the sun in Fire.  Think of our usual correlation of the sun with fire doubling the power of the fire energy and the moon with water combined with Air which whips up the emotional currents from deep within.  The result is a fiery double dose of Sun energy we can tap into to support us as we explore the deep emotions that the Air Moon is drawing to the surface.  This combination will manifest itself in the energy field of our planet and every living thing upon it.

Take some time out in quiet reflection or meditation during this ‘window of opportunity’ and allow yourself to be transformed by releasing all that no longer serves you taking back your power and discovering Divine love, love for all beings including yourself!

During your meditation or reflection have a sense of being filled with Divine Love and sending it out to all beings.  You might like to use the following phrases, repeat each three times.

“Unconditional Love flows to me from the Divine and fills every aspect of my being.”

“I am a pure and clear channel for Divine Love to flow through.”

“Divine Love radiates out from my energy field to all sentient beings open to receiving it.”

Please feel free to change the words to those with the same meaning that feel true for you.

I shall be doing this meditation myself between 7.30 and 8pm on the evening of Monday 30th April, as part of the Full Moon Meditation Evening in Sittingbourne, Kent.  This event is by ticket only and you can read more and book here:

Meditation Events 2018

If you are not able to come to the event please join in at that time from wherever you happen to be.

If you prefer you can still work with the previous format:

During the phases of the Full & New Moon members of this group meditate to empower the universal matrix (grid) with the Light, Love, Joy and Peace.  They are part of an ever growing world wide network of lightworkers and like minded meditators who are endeavouring to turn the tide of darkness, negativity, fear and distrust.  Transforming these negative thoughtforms into positive light, joyfilled love and peace.  The more like minded people who make the effort to effect this change by infusing the universal world wide energy field with these qualities the quicker the change will happen.  This group needs you!

YOUR invitation to take part

Meditation dates:  ALL 2018 DATES WILL BE POSTED BELOW SOON.

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Full Moon in Libra at 1236 GMT on Saturday 31st March 2018

THE FULL MOON meditation window is from noon on Friday 30th to Noon on Sunday 1st April.

Dates & Times for 2018

[Times are GMT please adjust as appropriate for your location. If you can; meditate at some point during the 12 hours prior to or after the time of the full or new moon. If you are able you can meditate as often as you wish during this time.]


FULL  1236 GMT [adjust for Daylight Saving Time + 1 hour] on Saturday 31st


NEW 0157 GMT on Monday 16th

FULL  0058 GMT on Monday 30th


NEW 1147 GMT on Tuesday 15th

FULL  1419 GMT on Tuesday 29th


NEW 1943 GMT on Wednesday 13th

FULL  0453 GMT on Thursday 28th


NEW 00247 GMT on Friday 13th

FULL  2020 GMT on Friday 27th (and Lunar Eclipse)


To be uploaded soon

Follow this simple guide to join us: You can join in at the actual time of the New or Full Moon – I shall be meditating at these times for around 30 minutes; that is 15 minutes either side of the actual New or Full Moon time.  OR you can meditate at anytime during the ‘window’ – times given above and ‘send’ your meditation to the actual time.  This can be done in two ways, if you are meditating before the actual Moon time, you need to have a sense of ‘banking’ your meditation to be ‘collected’ by the others meditating at the actual time. If you are meditating after the actual time you have a sense of ‘posting’ your meditation backwards in time.  As you do this it is important that you are open to receiving the message being given out by all those meditating within the ‘window’.

At the mid point of the meditation, at exactly the time of the New or Full Moon; I shall be reciting the following mantra three times.

“May there be Love, Joy and Peace on this planet and in the hearts and minds of all those open to receiving it’

If you wish you could do the same or substitute words that feel right for you but have the same or similar meaning.

Then have a sense of this radiating out from you to be received by the planet and all sentient life forms who are open to receiving it.  Don’t forget to be open to receiving it yourself.

For Eclipse Meditations follow this link:  ECLIPSE MEDITATIONS

You can download a pdf with the guidance here

Synchronised Moon Meditations

Right click on the link, then you can either download to your device by clicking on ‘save link as’ or your can open the resource to take a look first by clicking ‘open in separate tab’ or ‘open in a separate window’, in the new tab or window you will be able to download or print the pdf.

If you would like more information or clarification please contact me.