Seasonal & Festival Synchronised Meditations

Final Quantum Leap healing Meditation:  The window for this healing meditation is from 0001 on Wednesday 21st December until 0001 on Thursday 22nd December.

This is your final opportunity to make a ‘Quantum Spiritual Leap’ to progress your Soul Evolution. 

For more on this follow this link:

2016 Quantum Leap Year

Synchronising your Meditation

I experience this ‘connection’ with the other individuals and groups meditating at this time as a web or grid of lines of energy which encircle the globe in all directions.  At the points where they cross myself and the other meditators are radiating out the Love, Light, Joy and Peace to be transmitted via the energy web.

I know of other groups and individuals who experience the connection as reaching out and connecting via a column of light in the centre of a circle of meditators.

You may choose to work in one of these ways or develop your own awareness of the connection.