Solstice & Equinox Synchronised Meditations

This year the Autumn Equinox is on   at  

The Autumn Equinox Meditation 48 hour window is from GMT on  until  GMT on .

The Winter Solstice is on , at  GMT

Winter Solstice Meditation:   48 hour window is from GMT on  until  GMT on .

The time of the Winter Solstice is on , at  GMT

Specific times:  For 30 minutes from 1100 GMT Tuesday 20th December to ‘open the window’; 1015 – 1115 GMT on Wednesday 21st December to mark the actual time of the equinox at 1044 GMT;   and for 30 minutes from 1030 GMT on Thursday 22nd, to mark the closing of the ‘window’.

If you cannot join in at these specific times you can still take part click the link below to find out how to ‘bank’ or ‘post’ your meditation.

Synchronising your Meditation

This is your invitation to join us to meditate at specific times to connect with other like minded light workers to enhance our own meditation experience and spread Light, Love, Joy & Peace on this planet.

I experience this ‘connection’ with the other individuals and groups meditating at this time as a web or grid of lines of energy which encircle the globe in all directions.  At the points where they cross myself and the other meditators are radiating out the Love, Light, Joy and Peace to be transmitted via the energy web.

I know of other groups and individuals who experience the connection as reaching out and connecting via a column of light in the centre of a circle of meditators.

You may choose to work in one of these ways or develop your own awareness of the connection.