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CHANGE EXCHANGE I have written about change before, this is by way of an addendum.  I still believe that ultimately, spiritually ALL CHANGE is good; however it comes to us.  Knowing that does not always make it easier to accept, … Continue reading

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Change and Choice

Change & Choice Change is a part of our existence on this planet.  Sometimes we choose to change, our appearance, our circumstances, maybe our companions in this incarnation…. Sometimes we don’t choose to, but changes happen anyway.  It seems to … Continue reading

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Quantum Leap – Scotland

QUANTUM LEAP YEAR 2016 Began on 29th February, with a day of intense and transformational meditations and healing.  The second transformational day of meditation and healing on June 20th.  Click here for the full details.  Quantum Leap 2016 SCOTLAND HERE … Continue reading

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