The Earth’s Energy Field

The Earth’s Energy Field

(and how thoughtforms influence it)

The Earth and all sentient beings upon, in, under and over it have an energy field, or Aura.

The Energy Grid is like the skeletal structure within the energy field.  It can act like a superhighway to relay energy around the planet, much like the Meridian and Chakra systems within the human energy field.

The Grid encompasses the earth, it is like a cage or the lines of latitude and longitude.  Where the lines cross there are access points for up or downloading of energy.  At these points there is the potential to spin off energy into space.

It is important to remember that the grid is a neutral energy network, it is possible to use it intentionally and sometimes unintentionally to affect the energy of the planet, and anyone is capable of doing so.  It can be influenced by both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ thoughtforms and intentions.

An example of intentional influence is our healing and light filled boosting in meditation.  An example of unintentional influence is collective or mass hysteria, emitting thoughtforms of fear distress and hatred.  This happens when we are over exposed to ‘bad’ news and fear mongering.

It is also important to remember that many beings in existence on this planet at this time know how this works and maybe trying to use it for their own aggrandisement (blimey where did that long word come from?), Or gain, power or financial.

The best way to ensure the grid remains filled with love light healing Joy and peace is to regularly boost it with these qualities.  This is the ‘nature abhorrs a vacuum’ scenario, if there are no available spaces in the grid or available access points because we and other lightworkers are working to keep it topped up with the good stuff then those who would use it for their own purposes will not be able to do so.  Similarly there will be less space for the unintentional influence of collective negative thoughtforms.

When we meditate and upload or boost the healing vibration and or light in the grid.  Our intention is key to the process, when we do this individually our efforts use the nearest available energy access point.  Note ‘available’ because some of these access beacons can be overloaded or blocked by adverse energy.

To be continued….


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