There is only one certainty…

There is only one certainty…
If you don’t start the journey you will never complete the journey.
So begin today. Take your courage in both hands and take the first step.
Do not be daunted by the distance to be covered; the stamina to be found; the immense and diverse landscape to be explored!
Take the first step, then when you have drawn breath; take the second and the third.
Do not allow yourself to be deterred by thoughts of: “I do not have enough time to take this journey today” and then think of a hundred ‘reasons’ not to take that first or next step.
There will never be a ‘perfect’ time, there is no way if you cannot make time today, that tomorrow will be any different.
The time to begin to “be the change you want to see” [Gandhi]; is NOW; today, with the first small step; and the second and each step that follows. Sometimes it may seem easy, the sun will shine, the path is smooth and you will be able to take giant strides. Other times the rain pours down, the path is knee deep in mud and clouds obscure your view. Your steps are slow and laborious, but you keep on placing one foot in front of the other, being present to the experience and knowing you are walking your path.
Or you choose not to tread your path at all. “Now is not the right time” you say…. Then When Is?
Resistance is futile.
If you sign up for something then find yourself not doing it; is it a case of ‘your eyes are bigger than your belly’ and you are unable or unwilling to digest what is offered? Or is it resistance disguised as ‘busyness’. If it is resistance it is futile, if you should be acknowledging your cosmic consciousness and learning to listen to it, then sooner or later the Universe will find a way to make you do so.
The choice is yours, you have free will, you can choose to follow the path willingly and joyously OR you can wait until you are pushed and painfully find yourself trudging along the path you have been avoiding….. Which will you choose?

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