Today is a good day to spend in meditation.  Today Chiron is conjunct Mars (next to) with Chiron stationary retrograde, (sort of hovering).  Allowing us to be still and yet bring powerful healing to ourselves and others.  Mars, planet of action and energy, motivates us to seek deep within our Psyche for those remaining deep (and possibly self-inflicted wounds).  Look closely at how you have written your story, are you reflecting still the opinions of others, instead of writing from the heart, allowing yourself to be honest with yourself.  How painful would that be?  How liberating would that be?  Either option is scary, because it is unknown, how often have you allowed yourself to look at those deep rooted (often from childhood or past lives) and often traumatic experiences that formed your beliefs about yourself?  Sometimes we can (and should) look outside ourselves for help with this, but today is the day you can truly heal yourself.  Looking outside ourselves can help point us to tools and methods that will help us seek the truth within us, but ultimately we are the ones who have to do the work.  Physician heal thyself, is not just applicable to doctors, but to all of us.  In the end the only true healing comes from being totally honest with ourselves.  Looking at ourselves warts and all and learning to love ourselves just as we are; the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  Seeing the whole person, and unconditionally loving ourselves anyway.  Only when you have truly managed this can you begin to truly love others unconditionally.

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